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Latest from the Blog

THOMAS CALDER: The novel began as a short story

There’s a dystopian Great Gatsby quality to Thomas Calder’s forthcoming debut novel, The Wind Under the Door. Not in the roaring ’20s or giddy excess sense so much as an underlying thread of desperation: The helpless attraction to tragedy. Set in Asheville, N.C.; Houston, Texas; and the Florida coast, the novel makes the smart move…

DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL: Immersive Halloween magic by The Fox & Beggar Theater

This year, Halloween falls on a Saturday. With a full moon. A blue moon, in fact. It’s a Halloween worthy of dressing up, venturing out, howling at the night sky.  Unfortunately, all of that is complicated by COVID-19 and the continued need for social distancing. This is not the year for crowds in close quarters.…

ELEANOR UNDERHILL: Following the muse

A record is aptly named — in the sense of a collection of musical works — because it’s a document of where the musician was at a given time. It’s an historical record. But the creative process and its result are less concerned with the taking of minutes and more interested in aha moments and…

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